Author: Doug Daniloff

How Can I Get Out Of Debt?

If you are one of the many consumers who owe more on credit cards and unsecured debt than you are able to pay, it may be time to ask yourself, “How do I get out of debt?” The first step

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Find Out What the Credit Card Companies Don’t Want You to Know!

If you are now reading this, you most likely are experiencing, or may soon experience, one or more of the uncomfortable situations below. You also may have seen ads for “credit counseling” or “debt consolidation” and think that they could

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The Truth About Debt Settlement Percentages

SETTLEMENT PERCENTAGES AND WHAT TO EXPECT. I’ve been in the debt negotiation industry since 1998 and have worked with one of the premier debt negotiators, Paul Killmar so I am well acquainted with the debt industry and what to expect

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What’s the Difference Between a “Charge Card” and a “Credit Card?”

CHARGE CARDS AND CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT THE SAME THING (even though they look the same). The main difference between the two is that charge cards require that the user to make a purchase pay what is owed within a

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What’s The Difference Between a Credit Card and Debit Card?

CREDIT CARDS AND DEBIT CARDS LOOK THE SAME, BUT THEIR “DIFFERENCES” ARE MORE IMPORTANT. In real simple terms, when you buy anything with a credit card, you are using money you don’t have. When you buy anything with a debit

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Credit Card Companies Increasing Their Fees For You and Me

TIRED OF CREDIT CARD FEES?  Well, look out, because more are coming your way.  USA Today reports a variety of ways that credit card companies are attempting to quietly integrate more fees for you and I to pay all for

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The #1 Principle for Personal Financial Success

SOME SUCCESS PRINCIPLES ARE SO OBVIOUS that they would not seem to require repeating. On the other hand, as we become immersed in our live’s activities, accomplishments and problems, it’s possible to lose site of the fundamentals of living an

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Good Credit-Card Customer? You’re Canceled.

CAN A CREDIT-CARD COMPANY CANCEL YOUR CARD AND NOT TELL YOU? The following excerpt is from a post on the Wall Street Journal about a person who had 4 Chase cards canceled at once without any notice. Now, my first

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What Does a FICO Score Have to Do With You?

FICO IS THE MOST PROMINENT CREDIT SCORING SYSTEM used around the world. A credit score is a number that reflects your creditworthiness. Stated another way, your credit score is a calculation that represents the likelihood that you will pay your

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Beware Debt Consolidation (Your Home May Be Put at Risk)

THE NOTION OF “CONSOLIDATING” (bringing together into a single whole) your loans may seem like a good idea, since it simplifies the complexities of having too many bills that are out of control. However, there is more to debt consolidation

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Your Credit Score

HOW DOES THIS ONE NUMBER EFFECT YOUR LIFE? Your credit score is a number. A number that may effect your life in a good or bad way. It determines whether you can get that loan to buy a car or

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FTC Consumer Protection for Credit Cards & Consumer Loans

THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION IS A RESOURCE FOR CONSUMER RIGHTS. Click on the link below to access facts and reports about many practical and important matters to consumers like you and I, including ways that scammers attempt to rip us

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