Bank Failure List Tops 45

bank failure list tops 45TODAY, MONEY.CNN.COM REPORTED THAT the list of bank failures topped 45.  The article states: “The financial crisis has taken a heavy toll on small banks across the nation as losses in the housing market mount and unemployment dents household wealth. Analysts expect the trend to continue even as larger banks stabilize and the overall economy begins to recover.”

Of course the financial crisis has taken a heavy toll on more individuals like you and I, than banks.

If you are overwhelmed with debt, but don’t want to go down the road to bankruptcy, you may be a candidate for debt negotiation, which is a process of negotiating with a creditor to pay off a percentage of a balance owed on old bills, invoices, lawsuits, liens, medical bills, utility bills, and judgments.

Debt negotiation is often in the best interest of creditors who have debtors experiencing hardship.

Would your personal financial situation benefit from a professional debt negotiator? Your financial circumstances could result in only being required to pay less than 50% of what your current unsecured bills are demanding.

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