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Find Out What the Credit Card Companies Don’t Want You to Know!

If you are now reading this, you most likely are experiencing, or may soon experience, one or more of the uncomfortable situations below. You also may have seen ads for “credit counseling” or “debt consolidation” and think that they could

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What’s the Difference Between a “Charge Card” and a “Credit Card?”

CHARGE CARDS AND CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT THE SAME THING (even though they look the same). The main difference between the two is that charge cards require that the user to make a purchase pay what is owed within a

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What’s The Difference Between a Credit Card and Debit Card?

CREDIT CARDS AND DEBIT CARDS LOOK THE SAME, BUT THEIR “DIFFERENCES” ARE MORE IMPORTANT. In real simple terms, when you buy anything with a credit card, you are using money you don’t have. When you buy anything with a debit

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Credit Card Companies Increasing Their Fees For You and Me

TIRED OF CREDIT CARD FEES?  Well, look out, because more are coming your way.  USA Today reports a variety of ways that credit card companies are attempting to quietly integrate more fees for you and I to pay all for

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Is There Really A PrePaid “Credit” Card?

YOU MAY SEE ADVERTISING FOR PREPAID CREDIT CARDS, BUT THERE IS NO SUCH THING. In simple terms, a prepaid credit card is “not” a credit card at all, since the most elemental aspect of the card does not exist: “Credit!”

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Credit Card Issuers are Saying One Thing and Doing Another

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL BLOG REPORTED TODAY that “Card issuers are saying one thing and doing another” in response to the credit-card industry reforms that will take effect in February 2010. The post is based upon a Credit Card Study

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Credit Card Companies Will Continue to Take Advantage of Consumers

REUTERS REPORTS THAT CREDIT CARD COMPANIES WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE “LUCRATIVE” RETURNS. Just in case you were worried that the new rules of the Obama administration might harm the credit card companies by limiting  their ability to rake consumers over

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The Secret History of the Credit Card

Credit card companies increase their revenue at the expensive of consumers. PBS FRONTLINE and The New York Times join forces to investigate an industry few Americans fully understand:  The Secret History of the Credit Card.  In this one-hour online video,

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I would strongly suggest watching the PBS Special Report, THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE CREDIT CARD to get a very good understanding of how the credit card industry and how they are really out for themselves. I’ve had people call

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OUR ECONOMIC HOUSE OF CARDS is showing it does not have a very strong foundation as our economy spins into the ground. This tailspin highlights that credit can be bad if you are not using debt to make more money.

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Want to see something really scary? Are you really ready for this? I mean, you have to have slept well and eaten enough before you see this so you are really prepared.  CREDIT CARD STATEMENT Here it is – read

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I highly recommend going to this web site and watching this PBS Frontline Special Report, THE SECRET  HISTORY OF THE CREDIT CARD  It is a hard hitting, Emmy Award winning investigative documentary about credit cards.  It’s in this show

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