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The USA Today newspaper does an investigation into credit card debt every couple of years.  They take a credit card that has $1500 on it at 18% interest and figure out how long it will take to pay it off

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Excess Fat and Debt

Credit card debt is like putting on extra weight around your belly: with very little thought, in fact, even in conjunction with having a good time, you’ve got more debt. And it can be just as hard to lose. Although,

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Are YOU a Slave to Debt?

Debt is pretty fundamental stuff in our modern world, not just for individuals, but even more so for governments and business. In terms of individuals though, debt is created when a creditor (such as a credit card company) agrees to

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The Debt Trap and Religion

Many a person may find comfort in religion for all manner of life’s gifts and woes. And in regard to personal debt, which affects a great majority of individuals in our world, debt is a controversial subject – except when

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