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Bank Failure List Tops 45

TODAY, MONEY.CNN.COM REPORTED THAT the list of bank failures topped 45.  The article states: “The financial crisis has taken a heavy toll on small banks across the nation as losses in the housing market mount and unemployment dents household wealth.

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Are Creditors Taking Advantage of You?

STOP HARASSMENT FROM CREDITORS: Federal and state debt collection laws protect you from abusive and harassing debt collector conduct. You probably already know that creditors aren’t in business to help you. It does not matter to them what unfortunate circumstances

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Good News About Debt Negotiation

EFFECTIVE FINANCIAL SERVICES (EFS) is a professional debt negotiation company. EFS can settle your UNSECURED debt for much less than what you currently owe. You can reduce your credit card debt from 50% – 70%, as well as other unsecured

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Is Debt Bad?

TOO MUCH DEBT IS BAD: it’s bad for governments, it’s bad for companies and it’s bad for individuals and families. In it’s worse scenario it can lead to bankruptcies, closed businesses, lost jobs, family stress and many other unpleasant life

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DEBT NEGOTIATION I would strongly suggest that you find a Debt Negotiation company that lets you pay the Negotiator on how good they do their job. The industry standard is to pay the Negotiator 25% of what they save.  (There

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The process of negotiating debts is a very, very old activity.  You can think back to the times where the Native Americans negotiated land and so forth with furs, beads and other such things.  Even recently in Europe, the debt

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Debt Negotiation

WHAT IS DEBT NEGOTIATION? Debt Negotiation is the process of negotiating with a creditor to pay off a percentage of a balance owed on old bills, invoices, lawsuits, liens, medical bills, utility bills, and judgments. This process is commonly used

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