Credit Card Companies Increasing Their Fees For You and Me

credit-card-feesTIRED OF CREDIT CARD FEES?  Well, look out, because more are coming your way.  USA Today reports a variety of ways that credit card companies are attempting to quietly integrate more fees for you and I to pay all for the privilege of using “their” credit cards. “Annual Fees” are making a comeback. If you travel out of the country, you may start seeing a surcharge for international purchases.

Some companies want to charge you if you “don’t” use your card (inactivity fee).

“Analysts say that because most provisions don’t take effect until February 2010, issuers are finding ways now to bolster their income despite consumers’ precarious financial situations.”

Now, more than ever, you want to pay close attention to what your credit card issuers are charging you.

Click the following link to read the entire USA Today article, Credit card issuers pile on new fees

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