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THE BEST WAY TO MAKE SOMEONE WORRY is to give them an idea and then convince them to believe it. You see this everywhere.  For instance, when gas prices when rocketing up, the news media (oil companies using the news media) convinced everyone that there was a shortage in oil, so the prices needed to go up.

How crazy is that?  In the end, it was realized that we have plenty of oil (especially when we saw the oil company profits also rocket straight up) and that the oil companies just “invented” the problem.


Credit scores are the same thing.  100 years ago, credit was the word of the person and whether or not they kept their word.  That seemed reasonable.

Now, your credit is a complex scoring system that shows if you are a “good” or “bad” person.  Can you be trusted!

Wait a minute!  Does that mean you are now your credit score? Well, the advertisements are trying to get you to believe that you really are your credit score!

And there’s an idea that can trap a person!

In truth, there are very, very few people that are not worthy of credit.  In economic times like these, there are a number of factors that can cause a person to suddenly get bad credit.  Loss of job, lowered pay, medical problems, divorce, separation, etc. can all account for a person’s inability to be able to pay their credit cards.

Does that mean they are a “bad” person?

Hell no!  It means they have run into problems and need to action to get out of the problem.

Building credit back up can be done and the road to it is not that long.


Just remember, your creditors are very interested in you being in debt!  That’s how they make their money!

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