Our Debt Program

How We Get You Out Of Debt

Debt negotiation is an effective way to ELIMINATE CREDIT CARD DEBT IN AS QUICKLY AS 15 TO 36 MONTHS without an additional loan or going bankrupt.

Our EFS program is primarily designed for people who are:

♦ Having financial difficulty

♦ Are either unable or don’t want to go through the non-profit Consumer Credit Counseling programs

♦ Are close to filing for bankruptcy

♦ Have no money left over at the end of each month

♦ Or are just unable to continue making minimum payments

Extremely High Success Rate

Becoming debt free takes a commitment on your part and you must be willing to work with us to eliminate your debts. This program has an extremely high success rate and has helped many thousands of people out of their financial difficulty.

Simple Steps to Become Debt Free

Below are listed the simple steps that need to be taken to successfully complete this program and become financially free. If you have any questions regarding this program please call us and one of our experienced consultants will be happy to answer them.

1) Call for a Free Consultation to help determine if this program is right for you. If you decide that this program is what you are looking for and you are accepted into our negotiation program, you will need to complete some basic forms that held are strictly confidential.

2) Once we have received your information, we contact your creditors and let them know that we are working on your behalf and to redirect all further communications to our office. One main goal is to stop the calls from your creditors. All accounts for those cards in dispute are closed and you are requested to avoid the using credit while on the program.

3) If you receive any calls, just follow our simple phone script and email or fax us your records concerning these calls. You should keep records on the calls you receive and any violations by the creditors and pass that information on to us. We then get back to these creditors and reconfirm that they should not be communicating with you.

4) We will work with you to determine the monthly dollar amount to be set aside in a separate bank account just for you, that is used to pay the settlements that we negotiate. These funds need to be saved every month as preparation for your settlement and not touched for any reason other than the debt settlement. You do not send these funds to us. Instead you maintain these funds in your separate account until a settlement has been reached.

5) We start negotiations with all your creditors to obtain the best settlement that we can. On average, settlements usually range between 25 – 60% of the total debt. We stay in contact with you to ensure funds are available before a settlement is reached. All settlements are based on the funds available; we do not come to you requesting funds that we know you do not have.

6) A copy of the settlement letter is sent to you for approval. If you are happy with the settlement and you agree to the terms, we complete the agreement with the creditor and payment is made to eliminate the account at the reduced amount.

7) You will be paying your credit cards off one at a time, which ensures that you see steady results. We are, however, still in communication with all the other creditors and they are kept up to date with the current situation. Once we eliminate a creditor, you pay our fees for that settlement. We then go on to the next creditor and so on, until you are debt free. Our average client can eliminate their debts in approximately 15 – 36 months using this highly successful method.

8) If you have any questions during the program, we have professional and experienced staff on hand to assist you. All negotiations are done in-house and all accounts are negotiated individually. We do not make bulk settlements like many other companies and so are able to get better results by giving you individual attention.

9) Creditors report to the bureaus that your account was settled and that there is now a zero balance remaining with them. You will receive a letter from them stating that no further money is owed.

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