Debt Criticism And Solutions


Debt is woven deeply into the very fabric of our society, business and personal lives.

And yet there are practical arguments against debt, regardless of whether it’s used on a personal, family, social, corporate or governmental level.

Such criticisms are aimed at why debt should NOT be used as a solution for basic consumption and survival. That may seem practical, as it boils down to not spending more than you make.


However, there are times when one’s very survival relies upon debt: such as a result of a loss of employment, serious illness or injury or other grave circumstances.

It’s easy to criticize individuals, companies and even governments for poor money management, but the reality is, debt is so ingrained into all our lives that the problem becomes one of how to better manage economics for the future, while coping with debt burdens today … and tomorrow.

Unfortunately, individuals are required to be more prudent with their spending than governments, who can simply raise taxes to gain more income, or cause inflation, to lower the value of their own debts.


Given the combination of criticisms and complexities regarding debt, a simple solution for yourself is to gain a greater understanding of the solutions available to YOU, to get out of debt and to stay out of debt. This website is a resource to help you do just that.

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  1. Kogan says:

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