How It Works – Sample Settlements

(Yes – the following are copies of actual settlement letters at the bottom of this page.)

The other day I was on the phone with a prospective client. The call came in while I was grabbing my morning cup of coffee at Starbucks.  She had been referred to me by another client and was doing her due diligence- seeing what kind of settlements we do and how our whole program works.  As I finished answering her last question and promised to mail her a sample of our handiwork, I looked up and found that I had a bit of an audience.

I said “hi” to the gentleman I first noticed was looking at me.  He replied, “You must work for a bank.”  I told him, “Not quite- I work for a debt settlement company.”  He responded, “Wow.  I thought that you guys were just a myth.”  I laughed and said, “You know, we create that appearance on purpose.  We actually have a secret hideout- right down on Main- that’s where I was trying to sneak off too, but you caught me.”  He laughed and asked, “Can you really save people that kind of money?”  “Of course,” I told him.  Then I realized what had just happened.  I had just told my soon-to-be newest client that I would send her samples of or work, and now I had a person right in front of me who didn’t know for sure that what I said was true either.

The simple fact is that to the average person, a credit bill is something that is carved in stone.  And of course, if you don’t pay the bill, the stone will be thrown at you and your credit score.  A person like myself knows that credit bills can be negotiated just as easily as anything else.  I negotiated on the price of my car; I negotiated on the price of my house; I even negotiated on the price of my gym membership.  This is America, and you are free to negotiate on anything you want.  Heck, Oprah had a guy on her show some months ago that owned a company that was successfully negotiating down peoples IRS tax debt.

So here is a sample of our work.  These are sample of real settlements that we have done for our clients.  We work on settlements like this every day.  Enjoy!


good debt settlement average

Here's one from a collection agency- NCO Financial


chase bank settlement percentage

This settlement was done with a law firm, and the original creditor is Chase.


Debt settlement percentages


effective debt negotiation settlement savingsnegotiating with credit card companiesSettlement with a collection agencyHow much can I save with debt negotiation
It doesn’t seem like such a far-fetched idea anymore, does it? 

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