FTC Consumer Protection for Credit Cards & Consumer Loans

ftcTHE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION IS A RESOURCE FOR CONSUMER RIGHTS. Click on the link below to access facts and reports about many practical and important matters to consumers like you and I, including ways that scammers attempt to rip us off in the area of credit cards and loans. One type of company you should be wary of are those certain lenders “guaranteeing ” that you are likely to get a loan or a credit card – even before you apply! Click the link below and read the 2-page FTC report on this matter titled, “Advance-Fee Loan Scams: ‘Easy’ Cash Offers Teach Hard Lessons.”

Avoiding Credit and Charge Card Fraud: Steps to make it more difficult for a crook to capture your card or card numbers, and how to report losses and fraud.

Before You File for Personal Bankruptcy: Information About Credit Counseling and Debtor Education. This report advises consumers about the new bankruptcy law requiring credit counseling before filing for bankruptcy and debtor education after filing.

Billed for Merchandise You Never Received? This report explains your rights and steps to take to correct the problem.

Building a Better Credit Report: Learn how to legally improve your credit report, how to deal with debt, how to spot credit-related scams, and more.

Choosing A Credit Card: The Deal is in the Disclosures.
This report explains credit card terms, how your balance is computed, how to shop for the best deal and outlines cardholder protections.

Co-signing a Loan: Lists your obligations if you decide to cosign on a loan for a friend or relative. At the top of the list: you may have to pay up to the full amount of the debt if the borrower does not pay.

Credit, ATM and Debit Cards: What To Do If They’re Lost or Stolen
. Outlines procedures for reporting loss or theft, and how to minimize your risk.

Credit and Divorce: Encourages recently divorced consumers, and those contemplating divorce, to look closely at issues involving credit. Understanding the different kinds of credit accounts opened during a marriage may help illuminate the potential benefits – and pitfalls – of each.

Credit and Your Consumer Rights:
Explains credit laws that protect your right to obtain, use, and maintain credit. Offers practical tips to help you solve credit problems.

The Credit Practices Rule: The Rule prohibits many creditors from including certain provisions in consumer credit contracts. It also requires creditors to provide a written notice to consumers before they cosign obligations for others about their potential liability if the other person fails to pay.

There is considerably more info on credit, finance, foreclosure, debts, scams and consumer alerts.

Click this link for all the report and info:

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