Good News About Debt Negotiation

Good News About Debt NegotiationEFFECTIVE FINANCIAL SERVICES (EFS) is a professional debt negotiation company. EFS can settle your UNSECURED debt for much less than what you currently owe. You can reduce your credit card debt from 50% – 70%, as well as other unsecured debt and avoid bankruptcy. EFS can give you debt relief without the need to borrow more money, or liquidating any assets.

EFS negotiates with your creditors, on your behalf, to establish an amount that you CAN afford, which results in portions of the debt becoming eliminated by the creditors.

As a BONUS, because EFS will work directly with your creditors, you are able to get on with your life, without the hassle of creditors calling you.

What types of debt can be negotiated to obtain debt settlements?

♦ Credit Cards
♦ Store Cards
♦ Unsecured Bank Loans
♦ Personal Loans

Non Qualified Debt

♦ Student Loans
♦ Mortgage Loans
♦ Car Loans
♦ Taxes
♦ Less than $10,000 total

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