How Can I Get Out Of Debt?

If you are one of the many consumers who owe more on credit cards and unsecured debt than you are able to pay, it may be time to ask yourself, “How do I get out of debt?”

The first step to get out of debt is to determine how much you really owe. This will probably be the most difficult part to confront – how much debt do I actually have?!?! When I ask potential clients this question they often reply “hmmm…well… gosh, I don’t really know.”

In order to determine this accurately, you will need to locate your most recent statements. If your account is already past due, your account could have been turned over to a collection agency. In this case, the statement you received may be from a collection agency as opposed to the original creditor. Whatever the amount is, you want to know your starting point and gathering up these statements will give you just that.

Gather your statements right now, and watch this video!



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