There are a lot of people that don’t qualify for our debt negotiation program. Here is a simple solution that can help you get out of debt quickly, which is your objective. 

I’m going to start by saying what you should not do

Don’t take extra money that you have every month and spread it out over your credit cards.  If for instance, you have $200 left over each month, don’t take that money and add a bit of it to each one of your creditors. 


In fact, don’t “pay more on each credit card each month”, something I hear from people quite often. 

Here’s the best way to get out of debt fast if you have extra money each month; it’s called the Roll Down Method. 

Take the extra money and put it all on ONE credit card. 

So, here’s the bigger picture of the Roll Down method: Each month, pay the minimums for each card, then, pick the lowest balance card and put the extra money you have towards that one card.  

Once that card is paid off, take the minimum amount you paid each month to that card along with the extra money and put it all towards the next credit card you want to pay off.

There are 2 things happening. First, you are focusing your power on one card until it is gone.  Second, you are then taking ALL the money you have been spending on that one card and putting it towards the 2nd card and so on. 

By the time you get to your last credit card, you have all the minimum payments that had been going to the other credit cards PLUS the extra money going into the last credit card to pay it off. 

It’s like creating a good avalanche that finally bowls over your credit card debt. 

Try it out and see what happens.  You might find yourself out of debt in no time!

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